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Lakers Vs. Magic Game Score: Dwight Howard Dominates, Orlando Leads 48-31 At Halftime

The Los Angeles Lakers have failed to show up on a second consecutive night in Florida, trailing the Orlando Magic 48-31. The Lakers are shooting an appalling 29% from the field, 1-8 from behind the three point line. Meanwhile, the Magic are shooting 41% from the field and 40% from behind the arc.

Kobe Bryant leads the Lakers in scoring with 15 points. Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson have 10 each from the Magic, and Howard already has a double double with 15 rebounds. Paul Gasol's contribution was going to be key in this game, and he's been held to four points, Andrew Bynum only has one.

The two big men have combined from 11 rebounds, but it's clear Howard's presence in the paint has thrown of the Lakers' interior game. Paul Gasol and Andrew Bynum both shooing 0% from the field is not going to get it done.

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