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VIDEO: Lamar Odom Receives Standing Ovation In Return To Staples Center

Lamar Odom is probably one of the most popular Los Angeles Lakers players out there, helping Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol to grab two straight championships. He was also one of the good cops to Kobe's bad cop in helping keep the locker room settled during rougher stretches. His trade to the Dallas Mavericks for almost nothing was a tough blow for Laker Nation to handle. So it made sense that when Odom returned to Staples Center, he was greeted with a warm round of applause for all he accomplished.

After the jump, the video.

Laker fans give Odom a warm welcome (via NBA)

You can tell Odom hasn't quite recovered from being dealt by his former team, but you figure he'll get over it eventually and start playing like the Odom of old, the Odom that Lakers fans wish was still playing for them.

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