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Lakers Injury Update: Steve Blake Suffers Costochaondral Fracture, Day-To-Day

The Los Angeles Lakers, as usual, have some weakness at the point guard position. Derek Fisher seems bound to start forever, regardless of how much his level of play will probably drop off soon. Thankfully, Steve Blake seems to be playing much better, which should ensure better production from that spot on the floor.

But there might be a setback in his play in the interim. Blake suffered an injury in his last two games with the Lakers, and it's not looking like one of those minor ones that he'll just be able to walk off.

Steve Blake had an MRI today that showed he has a costochaondral fracture. He'll be re-evaluated Fri or Sat & is listed as day-to-day.
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A costochaondral frac. is a fracture of the cartilage that connects the rib to the sternum. Suffered the inj vs. PHX, aggravated it vs. UT.
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Ouch. That injury sounds painful, and likely one that'll probably linger until he's properly healed. Blake will probably have to sit out, giving his minutes to rookie Darrius Morris. Los Angeles is running low on their depth, which probably means more reliance on the old guys, particularly old reliable Fisher.

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