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Lakers Vs. Nuggets: Once More With Feeling As LA Travels To Denver

After the Lakers beat the Nuggets, both teams got on planes to tip-off again in Denver tonight at 5:00 PST

The shortened NBA schedule has resulted in some quirks for the Los Angeles Lakers, from starting the season with three straight games to playing the Denver Nuggets on a Saturday afternoon so the Los Angeles Kings could play at the Staples Center that night. After that game was over, both teams got on planes to tip-off again in Denver tonight at 5:00 PST; the second of four games the two teams will play against each other this season.

The return of Andrew Bynum was the big story last night, and he didn't disappoint scoring 29 points and pulling down 13 rebounds. Bynum also had two blocks, including the game turning block that lead to a go ahead layup with 1:52 remaining in the game. Bynum was originally supposed to miss the first five games of the season, and would return tonight, but had his punishment reduced to four games citing the shortened NBA season.

The Lakers are looking to win their fourth straight game, although their last victory was much closer than their first two of the season. The Lakers, under the guise of defensive minded Mike Brown, were able to hold the Utah Jazz to 71 and the New York Knicks to 82 points. The Nuggets fared a bit better with 89 points, but the Lakers were able to break past 90 for the fourth straight game.

It's worth noting that with Bynum leading the Lakers in points and rebounds, Kobe Bryant (who has lead the Lakers in assists four of the five games the Lakers have played so far this year) was able to tally a season high of nine assists. Bryant is four points away from 28,000 points all time, but it's looking like Bryant may be more of an offensive creator this year than having to be the offensive finisher.

Sunday's game in Denver will be broadcast locally on KCAL 9, with coverage set to begin at 5:00 PST. For more on the Lakers and the status of World Peace, be sure to check out Silver Screen and Roll.