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Kobe Bryant Joins Twitter For Three Hours

In a bit of an odd situation Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant joined twitter Wednesday for approximately three hours, amassing 35,000 plus followers and posting one tweet, then abruptly shut the account down a few hours later. A source close to Bryant told Dave McMenamin of that Kobe's Twitter account will return in the near future after a social media professional helping Kobe "may have jumped the gun." The source said Kobe will take some time to get used to Twitter before the account gets re-activated.


He (or part of his social media team) got one tweet out to the masses before shutting it down: "can you hear me now?" while following a number of other NBA players such as Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. His Twitter avatar caused some buzz as well, showing a picture of a snake eating what appears to be the blue Twitter bird with the phrase "Black Mamba is here." Hope you return to the Twitter-sphere sooner than later Mr. Mamba, we miss you already.