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Kobe Bryant & Virtus Bologna Reportedly Close To 40 Day Deal

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has been flirting with overseas opportunities, but opportunities with China and Turkey fell through because the money clearly wasn't enough. However, the allure of Italia appears like it'll be enough to entice him outside the Staples Center confines.

Well, that, and the buckets of gold Virtus Bologna is throwing at Bryant. According to Sportando Basket and Alberto de Roa, the Italian club president Claudio Sabatini says that he's reached a 40 day deal with Bryant that'll be $3 million worth before taxes. Some technicalities still have to be ironed out, but it's about 95% done. It's a lot of money for a short period of time, but I guess the club is expecting to make some of it back with merchandise and jersey sales.

Interesting that Bryant would make this move. Is he not confident that a resolution to the NBA lockout is on the horizon? Or is he just ready to try out playing overseas now that his best days are behind him? It's most likely nothing to worry about for Lakers fans in the long run though. When the season starts up, Bryant will be back.

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