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VIDEO: Ron Artest Channels Dennis Rodman On Dancing With The Stars

There are many things Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest is probably very gifted at. Impromptu speeches, spontaneous acts, Game 7s of the NBA Finals, we all know he can do all of those things.

Here is something he cannot do very well: The cha-cha-cha. Watch Metta World Peace attempt this dance after the jump.

Ron Artest's First Dance! - Dancing With The Stars (via ABCNetwork)

There are lots of things off with this performance. Like footwork; you know, the TOTAL lack of it. I know Ron Artest isn't exactly great at moving his feet on the basketball court (you would think the man was stuck moving laterally), but this is pretty poor even for him. However, what really makes the get-up kooky is the mini-Rodman all gold hair/eyebrow look. Artest manic enough to pull off the Clockwork Orange look, but the comparisons to Rodman are to easy to pick up.

You can tell Artest is probably just having fun with all of this, but unless he improves drastically, not even the legions of Laker fans who'd be predisposed to voting for him can save him from an early exit in this competition.