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VIDEO: Relive Kobe Bryant's 81 Point Performance Through the Lens of NBA 2K11

Los Angeles Lakers fans across the globe can sit back and reminisce about where they were when Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points on the Toronto Raptors back in the 2005-06 season. But thanks to some folks with way too much time on their hands you can now relive the historic event via NBA 2K11 in a terrific reenactment of that epic January night in which Kobe lost all consciousness and took over like we've never seen before. Make the jump to check out the video. 

Thanks to ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamentzsky for pointing out some very interesting things that occur during the video:

Watching the video game version, I noticed a dude in a No. 13 jersey. With good reason, since those digits were retired in 1983 to honor Wilt Chamberlain. So who was this character with a 13 on his back? After a few frame by frame comparisons, I believe I've pinned down our player in question. Smush Parker, who wore No. 1 as a Laker.  

Maybe they're playing a little practical joke on ol' Smush there. Maybe not. Either way it's pretty comical.  

Pau Gasol is on the Laker bench and actually takes the floor, fist pumping in celebration, after Kobe scores 81. For that matter, it looks like Shannon Brown might be on the sidelines as well. 

Hey, these guys making this video couldn't make it perfect. But without further adieu, here's the 2K11 clip in it's entirety. 

Kobe Bryant 81 points NBA 2k11[HD] (via lmgeorge89)

Just for good measure, here's the real footage of Kobe doing work. Pretty good job by these 2K11 guys if you ask me:

Kobe Bryant 81 (via minibronco)