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Brandon Jennings Claims That Kobe Shouldn’t Play For Drew League

The Drew League wants Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant to play for them again. The Drew League's very own Brandon Jennings, apparently, does not.

Here's Jennings' take:

Brandon Jennings on Kobe: "He wasn't born and raised in LA. You gotta be from LA to play for Drew. Show me a birth certificate."less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


Wow, Brandon. Those are some harsh words. You've got to admire the sense of pride he feels for the L.A. area and his courage to speak out against Kobe.

But let's get real. Though Kobe is not from Los Angeles, he is undoubtedly the most iconic current basketball player associated with the city right now. That should give him more than enough credibility to play for the Drew League.

And more importantly, the Drew League could use Kobe ahead of their rematch with Washington D.C.'s Goodman League (scheduled for Sept. 10th in Los Angeles). Why? The Goodman League got away with a 135-134 victory when the two teams first played on Aug. 20th behind 2-time NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant's 44 points. That team played without Kobe.

That team also had Jennings take the last shot of the game, which he unfortunately missed, with the Drew League down 135-134. Poor guy. If Kobe does join the Drew League again, you can be sure that he will have the ball in his hands in the case that a game-winning shot presents itself.