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Luke Walton Joining Josh Pastner As Memphis Assistant Coach

Struggling with his playing career with the Lakers, Luke Walton is going to get a chance to star from the bench as an assistant coach under Josh Pastner and the Memphis Tigers.

Luke Walton isn't technically retiring from the Los Angeles Lakers, although he's struggled to get back on the court lately. But Walton does need something to do with the NBA lockout likely to drag on for some period, and it appears he's gotten a pretty sweet opportunity with an old acquaintance from back in the day.

Multiple sources are reporting that Luke is going to try his hand at coaching as he becomes one of the assistants for the Memphis Tigers this season. Walton is going to be will be meeting his old coach in college; Josh Pastner. Pastner was an assistant coach under Lute Olson during Walton's fifth season with the Arizona Wildcats. Walton will be joining a THIRD Wildcat, one Damon Stoudamire. This coaching gig will last as long as the lockout lasts, upon which Walton will return to the NBA.

Walton might seem like an odd choice to coach at first, but Phil Jackson has always been complimentary of Walton's ability to fit within the intricacies of the triangle offense, which lends well toward his intelligence and decision-making.

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