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Ron Artest Heading To Great Britain To Sign With Cheshire Jets?

It's not only Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol who are thinking of playing overseas. Ron Artest is thinking of a foreign adventure of his own. Artest told the Los Angeles Times (at the Brea Improv Comedy Club, which is probably the likeliest place you'd find Ron Artest) that he was still wide open to the possibility of playing overseas. Bills must be paid and all that jazz.

Artest wouldn't comment on the reports that the Cheshire Jets of Cheshire, England have already agreed with him on a deal. The deal would have him playing across the pond for the duration of the NBA lockout.

For those unfamiliar with the proud tradition of the Jets, they won the British Basketball League trophy four years in a row and won a league championship in 2005. I would almost consider them the modern-day Los Angeles Lakers of BBL hoops if I bothered to do anymore research on the BBL. Artest could be that integral piece, and we might have to come up with new British nicknames for him if it does happen.

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