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NBA Lockout: Lakers' Kobe Bryant Wants One Million Dollars To Play In Turkey

The NBA lockout will force plenty of players overseas if it lasts into the regular season, leaving some looking to find a way to keep receiving paychecks by playing in Europe this fall. Even Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is considering taking his talents to Turkey, though the 32-year-old wants quite a bit of money to do so.

Bryant asked for $1 million -- per month -- to play for Turkish team Besiktas this season, the same team that fellow NBA All-Star Deron Williams has already signed a contract with, after the club initially offered him $500,000 according to NTV Spor.

The report didn't mention if Bryant then did a Dr. Evil laugh, or that part was lost in translation, but it seems that the request wasn't all that ridiculous because the team is currently looking for a sponsor to fill the remainder of the contract. And, considering Bryant is scheduled to make over $25 million in L.A. next season, the request isn't really as exorbitant as it seems at first glance.

It probably won't help Bryant's knees any if he plays in a more physical league, but hopefully the lockout is ended before the fans have to find out.