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Video: Kobe Bryant Colorfully Disses Derrick Rose's Adidas Shoes

As Los Angeles Lakers fans are surely aware, Kobe Bryant's competitiveness is, well, if not legendary, something close to it. Not even the NBA lockout can contain Mamba's competitive edge, it would seem. At his basketball camp Wednesday afternoon, Bryant, a Nike endorser, took a dig at Derrick Rose's signature shoes, which Nike rival adidas produces. Larry Brown Sports has the video of Kobe dissing Rose's kicks, which contains language that is NSFW:

"If you wanna break your foot," Bryant says, "wear that [redacted]." Strong words from Kobe, who's taken shots at Rose before.

In December, when asked if he was passing the proverbial torch to Rose, Bryant bristled, "I ain't passing [redacted]." It's worth noting, however, that Bryant and Rose appear to be on good terms. The question about the torch-passing came in response to Kobe's disclosing he and Rose had a private conversation a month earlier. "I just told him to stay healthy and continue the job he's doing," Bryant said of that talk.

We ought to expect nothing less, and nothing more, from Bryant.