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SI Report: Lakers, 76ers Talking Lamar Odom For Andre Iguodala

The Lakers, it seems, are determined at least to explore the possibility of making a major move before tomorrow night's draft. Earlier today, the LA Times reported that the team offered Lamar Odom to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the number-two pick with the hope of drafting Derrick Williams of Arizona. David Kahn politely declined, so now the Lakers have shifted their attention to an even sexier target: Andre Iguodala of the 76ers.

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reports that the Lakers and Sixers have had recent discussions about an Odom-for-Iggy swap. Philly would love to be free of Iguodala's lavish contract, which will pay him more than $44 million over the next three seasons. Odom is at the peak of his talents and has only one more guaranteed year left on his deal, so from the Sixers' perspective, the swap would both bring back a valuable piece and provide payroll flexibility in the future.

And Iguodala would be a pretty decent fit for the Lake Show. At age 27, he's young relative to the current roster. He's a terrific defender and all-around athlete. His offensive game has some dynamism and creativity. No one in Lakerdom is anxious to see Odom leave, but Iggy's the high-level talent that could justify parting with a player of LO's caliber. And for what it's worth, he and Kobe Bryant are very tight.

To make the deal work under the league's salary rules, the Lakers would have to include someone else in the trade. Amick suggests that Ron Artest could be the guy. In other words, the Lakers could end up dealing two rotation players for one, a blow to depth to a team that doesn't have much to begin with.

No one said getting back to the top would be easy.