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Will Dwight Howard Follow The Shaquille O'Neal Career Path? Not So Fast, Says Howard

While the retirement of Shaquille O'Neal has been the big NBA news on Wednesday, it reminds me of another center who was drafted number one overall by the Orlando Magic. Might Dwight Howard follow the Shaq career path and end up in Los Angeles with the Lakers? Not so fast, says Howard.


Howard was asked on Twitter on Wednesday by a Laker fan named Greg Garrison asked Howard, "Now that I have your attention...come and play for the Lakers." To which, the center replied, "nah I'm good." To be honest, I'm surprised more of Howard's 2,060,539 followers on Twitter haven't asked the same question. Not that such a thing would impact his decision in any way.


It's hard to remember now, but Shaq was just 24 when he signed with the Lakers in 1996, after just four seasons in Orlando. Like Howard, O'Neal made one NBA Finals with Orlando, losing to a team that won back-to-back titles (Hakeem and the Rockets bested Shaq, while the Lakers ended Howard's title hopes). Howard turns 26 in December, but it's important to remember that he's not a free agent until after next season. There is no reason to think he is going to end up in L.A. anytime soon unless Howard pulls a Carmelo-ian power play. It doesn't sound like Howard is in any hurry, either.


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