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2011 NBA Playoffs, Mavericks Vs. Lakers: Phil Jackson Is Still Confident

The Lakers are down 0-2 as their second round series against the Dallas Mavericks. Nobody would blame them if they didn't have a ton of confidence heading into Game 3, because frankly, the Mavericks have made them look pretty crummy over the course of the first two games. But Phil Jackson is never someone who is lacking in confidence, and based on what he had to say in advance of this game, that continues to be the case; via Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles times.

When asked about the trust issues that Andrew Bynum alluded to after Game 2, Jackson played it off in his typically playful fashion.

“I thought he was speaking about trusses, and my dad wore a truss," Jackson said. "I thought that’s what he was speaking about. I don’t know the trust issue.”

Good one, Phil. When asked if he had coached his last game at the Staples Center, Jacson's response was a little bit more succinct.

"We'll be back Tuesday," he said.