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At Introductory Press Conference, Mike Brown Dismisses Detractors: 'Winning Will Cure All That'

On Tuesday afternoon, Mike Brown conducted his introductory press conference as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Hired last week to replace the legendary Phil Jackson, Brown arrives in LA with the tough task of living up to Jackson’s legacy and guiding the Lakers to more championship glory before Kobe Bryant enters the twilight of his Hall of Fame career.

To say Brown has his detractors would be an understatement. Not known for being a great offensive coach or in-game tactician on the offensive side, Brown’s doubters wonder how Bryant and the rest of the veteran-laden Lakers roster will adjust after having played in the same Triangle offense for so many years. Brown fielded questions on the topic, as well as many others in Tuesday’s Q&A with the media. Below are excerpts from the session.

On how what he believes the similarities and differences are between he and Phil Jackson:

“I don’t know Coach Jackson on a personal basis so I can’t say what’s the difference between us. I know he’s older than me and made more money than me, so I’m not sure.”

On the future of the Triangle offense:

“We’re not going to run the triangle offense, but we will have bits and pieces of it to incorporate.”

On what he’d say to those who don’t feel he’s qualified or capable enough for the prestigious job:

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I respect that. Everyone has jobs to do. Winning will cure all that.”

On Kobe’s role:

“This is still his team. Kobe is Kobe. He has five titles and is one of the greatest ever. His role will not change. We’ll make sure he’ll have the ball in the sweet spots he likes to have it.”

Stay tuned for the video of Brown's entire first presser as the Lakers head coach just as soon as it becomes available.