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NBA Playoffs: Spurs Loss To Grizzlies Gives Lakers Home Court Advtange Through Western Conference Playoffs

I'm sure the Lakers themselves aren't looking anywhere past the Dallas Mavericks, their second-round opponent in the NBA playoffs, but it is understandable that their fans might. The Lakers are now the highest remaining seed (No. 2) in the Western Conference, thanks to the top-seed Spurs getting eliminated by the Grizzlies Friday night. However, with the Spurs out, it might be a case of be careful what you wish for for the Lakers.


Even though the Spurs would have had home court advantage in a potential Western Conference Finals matchup with the Lakers, L.A. would have been heavy favorites in that series anyway. As it stands, Oklahoma City, who I think would have beaten the Spurs anyway, are the favorites to move on to the conference finals, and they are a tougher matchup for the Lakers. But, the Lakers need to get past Dallas first. You'll forgive me, however, wanting the Heat and Bulls to lose, as they are the two teams remaining with home court advantage over the Lakers.


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