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2011 NBA Playoff Picture: Western Conference Bracket Nearly Set, Lakers Need Win For No. 2 Seed

The NBA Western Conference playoff bracket is nearly set. Four positions are set, with two teams having their fate in their own hands. If the Lakers beat the Kings, they are the No. 2 seed; if not, the Lakers are No. 3 while Dallas is No. 2. Here are the locked seeds with two relevant games remaining:

The Memphis Grizzlies are playing the Clippers at Staples Center right now. If Memphis wins, they are the No. 7 seed. If the Clippers win, Memphis falls to No. 8, with New Orleans taking the No. 7 spot. The NBA playoffs begin on Saturday. The Lakers got good news earlier today, when it was revealed that both Andrew Bynum and Matt Barnes are expected to be ready to play when the postseason begins.

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