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Lakers Vs. Spurs: Lakers Leading Spurs After Three Quarters

The Los Angeles Lakers remain in control of this game, leading the San Antonio Spurs 81 to 52 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

Kobe Bryant leads both teams in points with 24. Pau Gasol isn’t too far behind with 17 points. Andrew Bynum leads both teams in rebounds with 15. The Lakers have thus far outscored the Spurs in every quarter.

The Lakers went off on all cylinders to begin the game as they scored 34 points against the Spurs, who are 11th in the NBA in points allowed. The offensive game never quit as the Lakers outscored the Spurs 31-24 in the 2nd quarter to stay ahead at the half leading 65-37.

Lakers are out rebounding the Spurs 40-29 and also have a out rebounded the Spurs on the offensive side 13-11.