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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Nuggets Willing To Wait Until The Last Minute To Make A Move

Is there anyone out there that isn't sick of all the Carmelo Anthony trade speculation at this point? Every day it's a new team, a new player heading to Denver in return and then a new denial from that organization. It's all starting to become a little redundant. This is why I stopped watching Entourage, I know how all of these storylines are going to end.

Personally, I don't care what happens as long as it is resolved sooner rather than later. Unfortunately for me, the Nuggets don't seem to be willing to grant my wish, according to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News.

"The plan is to wait until as close to the 24th as they can, and see what other teams are going to offer between now and then," a person with knowledge of the Nuggets' plans said last night. "They're in no rush."

What a bummer. I guess it's another three weeks of, "The director hates you, Vince. O, wait a minute you got the part after all, obviously."

Lawrence also identifies the Knicks as the team that Carmelo Anthony is most likely to be traded to at the deadline, but he also notes that the Bulls, The Rockets and the Mavericks are also rumored to be willing to make an offer. Nobody knows how this one is going to play out, we just know that it probably isn't going to play out sooner rather than later.