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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Nuggets May Be Willing To Keep 'Melo Past Trade Deadline

With a new rumor popping up every 15 seconds or so, it's hard to remember that it isn't a certainty that the Nuggets will trade Carmelo Anthony before the deadline later this month. There is no guarantee that the Nuggets will move him, and we've seen other teams in the past let their stars enter free agency, only to receive nothing for them in return. A certain gentleman from the greater Akron area comes to mind.

According to Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, that unpopular conclusion is looking more possible every day.

Those close to the situation say there is a better-than-average chance Anthony will not be dealt until after the season. But that option isn't the best way to collect a significant amount of future assets for the forward. Yet, if the Nuggets are going to get something similar now to what they could get in the offseason, they will opt to keep the team intact and see what it can do in the playoffs.

This would be a major bummer for everyone involved, let's run down the affected parties.
  • Nuggets Fans: The team likely isn't good enough to win a championship this year, and not trading him means missing out on a chance to recoup some value. Trading him in the offseason likely means just receiving a trade exception and maybe a draft pick.
  • Fans of the teams that want 'Melo for a late run in the playoffs: No 'Melo.
  • NBA Anarchists: The system works like it should, players play out their contract and can't force their way to the teams they want to play on just because. I thought LeBron broke the system for good? What a let down.
My gut says that Carmelo Anthony is going to be dealt. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking that the past months of speculation haven't been for naught. But this report puts that into jeopardy. But like all the rumors associated with this deal, I'm expecting this to chance at some point in the next 10 minutes or so.