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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Lakers Reportedly Unwilling To Trade Andrew Bynum For Melo

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Earlier today it was reported that the Lakers had begun preliminary discussions with the Nuggets about acquiring Carmelo Anthony. Andrew Bynum, still only 23 years old, was considered to be the center piece of any potential trade for Carmelo. According to Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner of the Fabulous Forum blog on, the Lakers will not be willing to move Bynum, even if it brought Carmelo Anthony back in return.

"What's out there is inaccurate," said a Lakers representative familiar with the negotiations.
The report said the deal would revolve around Bynum for Anthony, though a team source told The Times on Tuesday that the Lakers were unwilling to deal Bynum, the 23-year-old center who has been plagued by knee problems.

The last part there is why I think the Lakers might listen if the Nuggets were willing to talk a Bynum-for-Melo swap. Bynum has yet to prove that he can stay healthy over the course of a full season, and Melo has always been durable. Melo is older than Bynum, but he is still at the very beginning of his "prime."

I hope the Lakers don't stay tied to Andrew Bynum solely because they have enjoyed bringing him along as a prospect. If they feel like his knees may never stay healthy, and that they can get Carmelo without giving up too much in addition to Bynum. I'm not saying they should do it, I just don't think they should immediately write it off.