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Lakers Vs. Grizzlies: Grammys Road Trip A Harbinger For Lakers

A long road trip in February has become commonplace for the Lakers, as the Grammy Awards have taken place at Staples Center every year but once since it opened in the 1999-2000 season. This year is the 11th time in 12 years that the Lakers have been forced out of their home for an extended period, on a long road trip dubbed the "Grammys Trip." Tonight's game in Memphis is the second game of a seven-game sojourn by the Lakers in this year's edition of the Grammys Trip.

Here's a look at the Lakers' results on all the Grammys Trips:

Lakers Grammys Trips
Year Record Season Result
6-0 NBA champs
2000-2001 4-2 NBA champs
2001-2002 4-1 NBA champs
2003-2004 4-3 lost NBA Finals
2004-2005 1-4 missed playoffs
2005-2006 2-5 lost 1st round
2006-2007 3-5 lost 1st round
2007-2008 7-2 lost NBA Finals
2008-2009 6-0 NBA champs
2009-2010 5-3 NBA champs
2010-2011 1-0 ???

The Lakers are 43-25 combined on their Grammys road trips, a 63.2% winning percentage. Every year that the Lakers have had a winning record on their Grammys Trip, they made the NBA Finals.

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