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VIDEO: Game Winning Tip-In From Antonio McDyess And Reaction From Silver Screen And Roll

I know, it may not be easy to look at. But for posterity's sake, we're going to show you the video of Antonio McDyess' game-winning tip shot against the Lakers last night. Cover your eyes if you want.

It's not after the buzzer, it isn't anything illegal actually. it's just really, really frustrating. For all my Lakers reaction I go to one place and one place only, our Laker blog Silver Screen and Roll. First, we'll go with the good news.

There are some good things that Laker fans can take from this one. Gasol continues to rediscover his offensive repertoire and deserves a lot of credit for his defense against Duncan. Bynum - with 10 points, 10 boards, six assists and three blocks - appears to have recovered from the bone bruise that kept him out of the Houston game. Although he missed all four of his three-point attempts, Artest still finished with 13 points thanks to strong work scoring in the paint.

So all those things should lead to a win, right? Well maybe not when you're playing the team with the best record in the NBA, and maybe not when the Coach has some inexplicable rotations toward the end of crunch time.

Both tonight and in the Sacramento loss on Friday, he kept Blake on the court and Fish on the bench in crunch time. What's that about exactly? It's super-weird to see Fish, the master of all things clutch, riding pine in the final possessions of close games. And it's not like Blake is playing so well as to commend those minutes, or even well at all. What's your strategy here, Zen Master? I'm keeping an eye on it.

Never a good thing to still be working out the rotation this far into the season. It didn't work out for them in this particular game, so we'll see if it gets switched up in the future.