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All-Star Game: West Leads East, 117 To 100, After Three Quarters As Kobe Bryant Continues MVP Surge

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The West has nearly put this one away. A 41-point burst in the third quarter, fueled by gobloads of East turnovers, has the Western Conference All-Stars up 117 to 100. Kobe Bryant continues his strong push for game MVP, as he's scored 34 points and collected nine rebounds. The all-time scoring record in the ASG is held by Wilt Chamberlain, who once put up 42. If Kobe wants the record and asks West coach Gregg Popovich to give him the necessary minutes, the record will be his. Oh, and this happened.

The East has committed 18 turnovers and pulled in only seven offensive boards, compared to seven turnovers and 20 offensive boards on the West's side of the ledger. LeBron James leads the East with 15 points and has made an admirable effort to jump-start their offense, but the carelessness of the East attack and their inability to hit a three-pointer (5 for 20) is doing them in. Barring a three-point hot streak from the East, the only suspense in the final period will come from Kobe's pursuit of the scoring record and Blake Griffin's efforts to throw down a few gargantuan dunks to satisfy his local admirers.