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Lakers Ink Multibillion-Dollar TV Deal With Time Warner

Do you like it when the Lakers have lots and lots of money? If you do, you're going to love the new TV deal they just forged with Time Warner, a bombshell dropped to the tune of 20 years and $3 billion (that's THREE BILLION DOLLARS):

Flint reports that the Lakers had been receiving $30 million per year from Fox for the right to broadcast games on FoxSports West locally. Given the NBA's penchant for placing the Lakers on national TV broadcasts, that comes out to about 60 exclusive local games per season, or $500,000 per game. The new deal, executed for 20 years, comes out to about an estimated $2.5 million per game.

As Ziller points out, the big deal here is the vast slice of local revenue the team gets to pocket. It's good to be the kings.


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