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Kobe Bryant Respects Ray Allen, Still Plans On 'Busting His Ass' At The All Star Game

Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant have had a spotted history. During Ray's time with the Sonics (may they rest in peace) they had many memorable run-ins, and became rivals while playing the same position in a very crowded division. Last night, Ray Allen made NBA history and became the league's all time leader in 3 pt. field goals made, and Kobe Bryant was on the court to congratulate him, according to via SB Nation Boston.

“I just told him congratulations. It’s a mutual respect kind of thing, because we came into the league together. There’s not too many guys from that draft still playing and competing at a high level. I’m just very, very happy for him. We always compete when we go at it. That’s part of it. At this stage of our careers, there’s a respect because of that. I don’t get along with chumps very well, and he’s not a chump.”

Kobe isn't the ind of guy who is going to say flowery things about someone that he just beat, so I think this might be the nicest thing we could have hoped for (assuming you were hoping for that kind of thing). No matter which team you support, you can appreciate Ray Allen's longevity and achievement, and Kobe Bryant can't ignore it. They might not like each other, but I think they respect each other as basketball players. that's probably about the nicest comment we're going to squeeze out of the Kobester.

But it didn't last very long. Kobe still warned Allen, as well as the rest of the Celtics, that he was going to bring it at the All-Star game.

“It doesn’t matter who I play,” said Bryant. “I could play you, and I’ll bust your ass.”