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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Rumors Don't Hurt The Lakers In Win Over Boston

The rumors that have Carmelo Anthony coming to the Lakers are enough to drive a man insane. I'm not even emotionally invested in the outcome and it makes me uncomfortable. I can only imagine how it feels to be one of the players mentioned in these rumors.

But even all of the rumors swirling didn't affect Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest in last night's win over the Celtics, according to Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News.

Bynum said the trade rumors "don't bug me," because his name comes up in deadline rumors every February. Artest said he would like to stay with the Lakers. But when he was asked if he minded his reduced role in the L.A. offense, he followed with a cryptic statement.

"If my team needs me, I'll be there for them," he said. "If they don't need me, hey, it's not a problem."

Bynum played very well last night for the Lakers. His length continuously disrupted the Celtics on both offense and defense. It was a perfect example of why the Lakers can't afford to trade him for Carmelo Anthony. Even though Carmelo would provide a lot of scoring from the wing, he would diminish the advantage that the Lakers have over the Celtics, and the rest of the teams in the League.