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Lakers, Clippers, Kings To Spend Most Of February On Road With Staples Center Busy

February is here, and with it comes a huge test for three Los Angeles teams. With the NBA All-Star Game and the Grammy Awards coming up, the three tenants of the Staples Center -- the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings -- will be on the road for the overwhelming majority of the month. Over the next three nights, the Lakers have two home games and the Clippers have one; after that there isn't a regular season game at Staples Center --basketball or hockey -- for nearly three weeks. Here's a look at what lies ahead for the three teams in question in February:

Los Angeles Lakers: the Lakers currently hold the second spot in the Western Conference, but has had some troubling losses, mostly at home, in the last month or so. After home games against the Rockets and Spurs this week, the Lakers head out for a seven-game road trip, including games against five teams currently slated for the playoffs.
February totals: 4 home games, 9 road games

Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers already had an uphill climb for a potential playoff berth that got even tougher with Eric Gordon out for three to four weeks. They have won nine straight at home, but are only 3-15 on the road this season, and face a daunting 11-game road trip this month, albeit broken up by the All-Star break.
February totals: 2 home games, 12 road games

Los Angeles Kings: the Kings begin their post All-Star break push for the playoffs with a 10-game road trip, not returning home until February 24. The Kings are currently tied for 10th in the Western Conference, but are only a point removed from a playoff spot. They have done well at Staples Center, going 17-9-1, but are just 10-13 on the road, so February will impose quite a test for the Kings.
February totals: 3 home games, 10 road games