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Chris Paul Trade: CP3 To Lakers, Pau Gasol To Rockets, Lamar Odom To Hornets According To Report

The Los Angeles Lakers are giving up a lot to land Chris Paul. Here are the supposed players and assets being moved in this trade according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Los Angeles Lakers

  • Chris Paul: Quite a combination he and Kobe would make. Will CP3 be able to pry that basketball from Bryant's iron-clad hands?

New Orleans Hornets

  • Luis Scola: Solid power forward who can produce.
  • Lamar Odom: And Khloe. Don't forget Khloe.
  • Kevin Martin: Pretty good offensive weapon that Martin has
  • Goran Dragic: Yeah, a bit of a downgrade from CP3. Point guard will be a real issue for the Hornets.
  • 2012 first round draft pick previously obtained from the Knicks: Man. This isn't that bad at all.

Honestly not a bad haul overall for the Hornets, if they had to lose their starting point guard. Lots of talent there, and it's a more balanced team. No great players, but plenty of guys that complement each other fairly well. This team can get to the playoffs.

Houston Rockets

  • Pau Gasol: Still an elite power forward. Not likely to be the cornerstone of the franchise, but team him up with one or two other players and they can definitely contend the next few years.

Emeka Okafor might be involved, although it's not quite clear yet. If he isn't, the Hornets are coming off real nice.

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