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NBA Trade Rumors 2011: Andrew Bynum's Agent David Lee Says No One's Calling

According to the Orange County Register the trade market for Los Angeles Lakers big man Andrew Bynum has not been as explosive as one might think will all of the rumors swirling about. In fact, Bynum's agent David Lee has said no teams have called him about Bynum's status, aside from Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack to see 'how the big guy looks' after his offseason workout program. 

"And he looks good," Lee said.    

This has to seem like the movie Groundhog's Day for Bynum and his camp as Lee noted that today's rumors are no different than those the last four off seasons when Bynum was 'on the trading block' for Jason Kidd in 2008, Kevin Garnett in 2009, Carmelo Anthonly in 2010  and now Dwight Howard and/or Chris Paul in 2011.

"It's routine for this time of year," Lee said. "It's no different other than it's later in the year and the names are different."

Bynum also deleted his Twitter account recently, possibly in an attempt to stay silent on the matter and avoid questions and comments from his previously many followers.

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