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Lakers Vs. Kings: Both Teams Rusty In Sacramento Home Opener

With the Los Angeles Lakers fumbling away the lead to the Chicago Bulls in their Christmas Day matchup, LA has come out in their first road game against the Sacramento Kings firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, the car is an old jalopy and the Lakers have had trouble turning that energy into points. Kobe Bryant came out and took eight shots, only making two. Shooting had improved by the end of the quarter, as the Lakers trail by just one at the quarter break 21-20. This despite the team being 3-12 just after the six minute mark.

The Lakers are in their home yellows once again, as the Sacramento Kings petitioned the league to wear their black alternate uniforms at home. Still, it's a typical game at the Arco Arena, with the score close and the teams combining to take 36 shots in the first half. The only thing that's changed is the lack of cowbell.

Bryant leads the team with 7 points, Josh McRoberts leads the intangibles with 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Paul Gasol is playing serious minutes with an injured right shoulder. Meta World Peace has come off the bench to give the Lakers a bit of a lift halfway through the quarter.