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VIDEO: Metta World Peace Makes World-Class Assist

The Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Chicago Bulls Sunday afternoon in an Opening Day matchup that lived up to the hype and then some. One of the notable events in the game was the regular-season debut of Metta World Peace, the forward who previously went by the significantly-less-rad name of Ron Artest. Although the Lakers came up on the losing end of the game due to an unlucky last few seconds, World Peace managed to make the highlight reel with an unorthodox assist in the fourth quarter.

The sprawling, leaping, falling, diving, style style of Metta World Peace is difficult to contain. At times it may look like he's tripping over the basketball and landing flat on his face, when in actuality the play is a carefully-crafted, painstakingly rehearsed pass to Troy Murphy for an easy two-point jumper.

The era of World Peace is upon us, everyone. Boring old Ron Artest probably would have just blithely passed the ball to Murphy in the standard, standing fashion. Of course, he may not have. We'll never know. I'm looking forward to a full season (shortened or not) of World Peace.

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