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Kobe Bryant's Shoes Look Like The 'Toejam & Earl' Title Screen [PHOTO]

The NBA 2011-12 season kicks off on Christmas Day. Fans are extremely excited and understandably, so are the players. It seems that a large amount of superstar players will be wearing brand-new and probably exclusive one-off shoes for Opening Day. Darren Rovell of CNBC took to Twitter last night and shared a slew of photos of the shoes that various players will be sporting on Sunday. One of the pictures he shared was of the new Kobe Bryant sneakers can see for yourself:


via @DarrenRovell

Look, I know that the 90s are coming back in a big way, but sometimes common sense needs to prevail. These sneakers look like they should come with one of those seizure warnings that accompanies flashing video games. And speaking of the 90s and video games, these shoes absolutely look like the background of the screen that comes up when you pop in the "Toejam & Earl" game for the Sega Genesis.

Maybe it's part of the strategy for the Los Angeles Lakers to make Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls too distracted thinking about what is possibly the best co-op video game of all time. Maybe Rose will smile and sidle up to Luol Deng and talk about how awful it was when you accidentally opened rocket skates right next to a ledge, or how you finally find the stupid telephone but it disappears before you can reach it.

It was kind of a weird game, I guess, but these are weird shoes.

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