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ANIMATED: Chris Paul To Blake Griffin Alley-Oop For Clippers Vs. Lakers

When Chris Paul was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, putting him on the same team as Blake Griffin, we started dreaming of it. What would it look like? How thunderous would it be? Would we tell our grandchildren of it? Would it be the start of a beautiful friendship that would pave its way toward playoff appearances and multiple titles?

We don't have our answer to most of those questions yet. But we do know what the first connection between CP3 and the dunk machine. Animation after the jump!


(If you're having trouble viewing, click the image and it should appear for you. Image courtesy of bubbaprog at Mock Session).

We hope this is the first of many beautiful connections as the Lob City experiment hits full swing. This stuff is just too beautiful, we must have more of it!

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