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Lakers Vs. Clippers Video: Blake Griffin Targeted By Matt Barnes

It wouldn't be the start of the NBA season if Matt Barnes wasn't knocking people to the ground and getting tossed out of meaningless games.

This time it's Blake Griffin who gets in Barnes's way. Silly Blake, don't you know this court belongs to Mr. Barnes? This is my property! GET OUT!

Video after the jump.

(via nbavideosnow2)


Barnes has a history of being a hot head and playing the game of basketball like he's been wronged. And this seems to be another case of the Laker swingman losing himself in the heat of the moment. While it wasn't blatant, expect Barnes to start falling under the scrutiny of the league office if these little incidents start piling up. This sort of behavior just can't be tolerated; you can't have players feel like they're being targeted. Someone will get hurt one of these days.

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