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Kobe Bryant Divorce Settlement: The Hottest Gambling Ticket In Town

Gambling website Bovada has released a big round of basketball odds for the upcoming 2011-12 NBA season. They've got all your standard season-long things to bet on, like who will make it to the playoffs, who will win the Finals, who will lead the league in scoring and rebounds, ho-hum. That stuff's boring. What if I want to bet on something really interesting, like Kobe Bryant's divorce settlement? Well, you're in luck, because Bovada has you covered, pal.

Here's the action you can get in on with your local bookie or oddsmaker:

How much money will Vanessa Bryant receive in the divorce settlement with Kobe Bryant?
0-50 Million          2/1
51-100 Million     5/4
101+ Million         3/2

Who will be seen first in public on a date?
Kobe                     2/3
Vanessa               6/5

Who will be Kobe Bryant's next girlfriend?
Model                                 3/2
Entertainment (Film/TV) 2/1
Singer                                3/1
Athlete                                5/1
Elin Nordegren               50/1

This is all totally on the level, if you can believe it. You've gotta love Elin as the dark horse, but it's fairly surprising that no Kardashians were explicitly names, although I'm sure that's part of the reason why "Entertainment" is 2/1.

Place your bets with your fellow Lakers fans over at Silver Screen and Roll.