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Andrew Bynum Knows About Lakers Trade Rumors, And He's Okay With Them

It seems like the Los Angeles Lakers have been caught up in just about every NBA trade and trade rumor ever since the lockout ended. From Chris Paul to Lamar Odom to Dwight Howard, Lakers fans have heard just about all of them in the past couple of weeks. Lakers center Andrew Bynum has heard them all, too, but he's okay with the fact that his name has been floated around in connection with a potential trade that could bring Howard to the West Coast.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN caught up with Bynum on Saturday and spoke with him regarding the trade rumors. In the past few years, Bynum's name has been brought up any time a potential superstar was rumored of being lured to the Lakers. Bynum remains objective and diplomatic about the latest round of rumors, however.

"I think Dwight is a great player and obviously if the Lakers can get him for the right deal, it would be worthwhile," Bynum said after the Lakers' film session on Saturday. "But, if they want too much [in return], it won't go through."

It's almost refreshing to hear of an NBA player being so pragmatic, especially given the years of rumblings that surrounded the Lakers, particularly the bygone days of the Shaq and Kobe hate/love/hate-fest. Regardless of where Bynum ends up starting -- and finishing -- the shortened 2011-12 NBA season, you can be sure that he and the Lakers will have their names attached to plenty of rumors in the next few weeks and months.

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