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Kobe Bryant Divorce: Vanessa Bryant Leaves Lakers Star After Ten Years

Kobe Bryant and his wife of 10 and 1/2 years are getting a divorce, according to a report from TMZ. Vanessa Bryant, who stayed with Kobe through the ugly cheating scandal in 2003 with a woman in Colorado, has reportedly had enough of the Lakers star guard and suspects him of committing adultery once again.

According to the legal docs, Vanessa is asking for joint custody of their 2 daughters -- 8-year-old Natalia and 5-year-old Giana -- but Vanessa is asking that Kobe get visitation rights, which means she wants the kids in her care most of the time.

We've learned the couple has NO PRENUP, so 29-year-old Vanessa is entitled to half of the empire Kobe built over the last decade.

That's a lot of money, folks. Those close to the Bryant family have indicated Kobe will do anything to reconcile his marriage, but that looks unlikely at this time.

As far as this goes for the Lakers, fans will naturally have to worry about his mindset once the season begins in a week. The All-Star guard has gone through it all on the court, but a divorce is something the five-time champion has never had to go through. For a franchise that has gone through a lot in the past few weeks, the Lake Show may get off to a slow start this season.

Best of luck to Kobe as he attempts to cope with the divorce.