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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Lakers One Of Four Teams On Howard's Short List

There has been plenty of back and forth on whether or not the Orlando Magic will trade their superstar center Dwight Howard before the season starts. He's both requested a trade as well as backed off of a trade request in the span of days. But one thing that seems to be consistent is the list of teams he is willing to sign long-term with and that list includes the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets and Orlando Magic are the four teams and just looking at the list shows the difficult position the Magic are in. One, it limits who they can deal with and two, it includes themselves which of course is the team's first option.

According to a tweet from the Orange County Register's Kevin Ding, the Lakers have both Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum as possible trade options but would prefer to not have to give up both players for Howard. With Lamar Odom now gone, it would leave the team barren if both Gasol and Bynum were traded for Howard.

After having their trade for New Orleans Hornets' superstar Chris Paul vetoed by the NBA, the Lakers are still searching for ways to improve the present and the future. Howard is an option but the means in which they will be able to pry him away are still uncertain.