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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum Won't Be Traded By Lakers For Magic Center

UpdateMore NBA rumors are being collected here

The Orlando Magic seem like they're nearing the beginning of the end with their superstar center. Dwight Howard has requested multiple times to be traded, and the Magic appear to be letting the center explore his options so they can move on and get the best potential move possible to keep themselves competitive.

One option the Magic are exploring is the Los Angeles Lakers, who are probably the only team with comparable big men. Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol would both be worthy contributors. Gasol is more refined offensively but probably doesn't have the overall strength of a true center; Bynum is clearly brimming with potential, but he always tends to get injured and isn't as durable as the other two all-stars.

But they won't be dealt for Howard, definitely not as a package.

I'm told there's no way Lakers are trading Bynum and Gasol for Dwight Howard.
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That's probably giving up too much for Los Angeles, who have already lost Lamar Odom. The Lakers would have very little flexibility and be reduced to a two-man show with Kobe Bryant and Howard. Compelling, but hardly a dominant team. The Lakers need to find other pieces if they really want to make a move to get the best big man in the league.

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