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2011 Lakers Media Day: First Look At Metta World Peace Jersey [PHOTO]

One thing you may have forgotten about lately with all the hullabaloo surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers is the fact that the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest has a new name to display on his jersey.

That's right, Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) was showing off his jersey at Lakers Media Day Sunday on Sunday, and was garnering some attention in the process. Make the jump to see for yourself.


VIa @Lakers 

Ron, er I mean Metta, certainly seemed to be getting the star treatment during this shot, even though I'm sure the majority of the photographers would have liked a photo of the back of the jersey here. One thing is for sure, Metta World Peace doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, and looks even weirder on the back of an NBA jersey.

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