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Chris Paul To Lakers: Revised Trade Proposal Sent To David Stern For Approval, Per Reports

The Los Angeles Lakers are eager to bring Chris Paul to the Staples Center, and after a deal was rejected by David Stern on Thursday night, it appears they are close to yet another agreement. According to multiple reports, the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets are closing in on a three-team deal that could see as many as 10 players change teams.

Source confirms framework of revamped trade agreement sending CP3 to Lakers has been reached, pending approval of the commissioner.
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Of course that final line of the tweet is the kicker, and if Thursday was any indication, any deals with the Hornets will not be easy because of the league running the franchise. It is unclear at this point if the Lakers would receive any players other than Paul, although Emeka Okafor's name has been in a lot rumors in recent days. With the potential need for another post player, he may be on the move to Los Angeles as well.

Stay tuned, folks. It could be another wild day in the NBA.