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Kobe Bryant Would Beat Lebron James One-On-One, Says Kevin Durant

Ever wondered what the best NBA ballers believe on what's probably the ultimate question in basketball these days that doesn't involve the words "collective bargaining agreement"? Well, Kevin Durant, John Wall, Trevor Ariza and Matt Barnes offered their opinions on the ultimate question of Kobe vs. LeBron.

Kevin Durant: Kobe Bryant would beat LeBron James in one-on-one (via losangelestimes)

It's not a surprise that Durant would go for Bryant. Durant and Kobe are both spot-up shooters who always believe they can get their shot anywhere on the floor, no matter how physical their defense is. LeBron is a powerful defender, but it's hard for even him to body up a jump shooter of Kobe's caliber. Plus Kobe could play off LeBron and force him to take off-balance jump shots, easily the weakest part of James's game.

And hey, LeBron couldn't even check Jason Terry one-on-one in the NBA Finals; what exactly does he expect to do with the best sharpshooter in the game?