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PHOTO: Kobe Bryant At UC Santa Barbara Caption Contest

Kobe Bryant decided to pay a visit to a UC Santa Barbara psychology class. I can only imagine the important lessons he had to impart to these students.

Pretty much a caption contest here. Check out the image after the jump.


(via Kobe's Facebook)

"So guys, I needed something to do. You all seem pretty cool enough. What all books are you reading here?"

"So I got stuck up in the air, and I had to give up the ball to someone. I passed it to the nearest gold jersey. Then I saw it was Ron.

I had never been more terrified in my life."

"I took a psychology class once. It lasted eleven years with a man who had eleven rings. Wish you could all have a mentor like that."

"Have any of you ever stayed behind after class, then read the same book two thousand times? I can so relate to you."