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Ron Artest Says Lockout Is Over. Ron Artest Is Also A Professional Troll.

Pretty sure Metta World Peace has ensured we won't be watching professional basketball for the next decade with these tweets.

Yay No lock out
Oct 04 via EchofonFavoriteRetweetReply

Lakers smashing Let's go !!! I'm so happy!!!!!!! I love the NBA!!!!! Ball time!!!!!!
Oct 04 via EchofonFavoriteRetweetReply

I remember when my mom use to lockout me out the house. I hated that !! It feels the same way being locked out NBA. Mommy let me back in!!
Oct 04 via EchofonFavoriteRetweetReply

Yal should laugh more. Loosen up your buttons like the pyssy cat doll song.
Oct 04 via EchofonFavoriteRetweetReply

I had alot of people fooled. Just like media. See yal should listen to ur parents. Not media. Believe in yourself. Not others Lol
Oct 04 via EchofonFavoriteRetweetReply

I assume by the lockout, Ron Artest is referring to the goblins in his soul that have been trying to knock his way into his brain and take over his prefrontal cortex. Right now the space aliens are fully in charge up there, and they've been the ones trying to control Artest, but it looks like the reports are that all hostitlities have ceased inside his head.

Ron Artest is crazy. You get what you deserve if you trust him as a news source. Like one time I passed by this homeless guy on the street that said "World ending tomorrow." 300 jars of peanut butter and 1 bomb shelter later, I had learned my lesson.


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