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2011 NBA Lockout: Labor Negotiations Break Down, David Stern Cancels Games Through November

Commissioner David Stern held a press conference on Friday evening announcing the cancellation of two more weeks of basketball. If there is going to be a 2011-2012 season of the NBA, it will not begin until after November at the earliest.

Talks broke down on Friday during the negotiations between the NBA and the players union. After the two sides walked away, Billy Hunter of the players union said that he felt "snookered" by Stern, who had intimated to him that the owners would be willing to make more concessions than they actually were.

Once talks began on Friday, it became clear to the players that although they had conceded on some of their initial demands, the owners had no intent on budging further from their current position. Although some experts hoped that the two sides would soon be reconvening, players union representatives booked flights out of Los Angeles that night, making it clear that there will be another delay in negotiations.