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Kobe Bryant And Italy In Mid-November? Virtus Bologna Thinks So

Oh, and you thought this silly story was over? THINK AGAIN.

Kobe Bryant is always going to be circulated as a hot target for overseas clubs, and no one seems more steadfast in their pursuit of the Los Angeles Lakers guard like Virtus Bologna in Italy. It looked like they were finally throwing in the towel according to the earlier report, but  no, Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register has found out otherwise.

Virtus Bologna owner Claudio Sabatini is either one hard-working fellow or one crazy circus ringmaster.

Sabatini’s much-hyped pursuit of Kobe Bryant to play for his team in Italy is not over, according to a statement on the team website. Sabatini and Rob Pelinka, Bryant’s agent, will supposedly continue to work towards "the arrival of Kobe Bryant in Italy in mid-November" (translated from Italian) during the NBA lockout.

You figure that the longer the NBA lockout drags on, the longer these stories regarding Kobe playing overseas will circulate. And Kobe and Italy make sense, because as we've talked about a million times before, the two have a long-standing history with each other. So don't ever believe that Kobe and Italy will ever die as a story until the lockout dies.

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