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Lakers Vs. Warriors: Fast Start Key For Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their last 10 games against the Golden State Warriors, and look to make it 11 straight tonight at Staples Center. The key to many of those games for the Lakers has been a fast start. In four of their last five games, and six of their last nine meetings, the Lakers have outscored the Warriors, many times by several points.

Lakers 1st Quarter vs. Warriors
Date 1Q Lead
10/31/10 +20
3/15/10 +7
2/16/10 +12
12/29/09 (6)
11/28/09 +14
3/19/09 (2)
2/18/09 (4)
1/7/09 +8
12/28/08 +7
Avg +6 (32-26)

The Lakers have outscored the Warriors by an average of 13 points in the first quarter of their last three matchups. Look for the Lakers to try for another hot start again tonight, to try and put this game away early.

UPDATE: In other news, it was reported on the Fox Sports West pregame show that Pau Gasol's minutes might be limited tonight, with what has been called a "tweaked" ankle.

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